Why hire a professional bookkeeper?

Businesses need a solid financial infrastructure to succeed. Many businesses lose money every day because they do not keep accurate records of income and expenses, have a handle on their cashflow, or complete their required tax documents.

At Better Bookkeeping we want you to be successful and grow your business – and we know we can help!

A professional bookkeeper will help you:

  • Grow your business
  • Get back to the work you prefer doing
  • Make efficient use of time and resources
  • Give you the confidence of knowing you have a trained professional handling your bookkeeping!

About Angela Lyon

Angela was working her way through college, studying art therapy, when she got a job at a midsized local retail business in Portland. She learned the operations side of the company, and worked her way up to the position of Financial Controller, handing all the financial recordkeeping for the company. With 23 locations throughout the U.S., each running as independent profit/loss centers, she realized she was doing the bookkeeping for essentially 23 different businesses. She loved managing finances and accounting, and how accurate bookkeeping served as the backbone for business success.

She was always clear that she wanted her own company one day, where she would dictate her own schedule, set her own priorities, and grow her own business. After having her second child, the expenses of childcare convinced her to follow her vision for herself and start her own bookkeeping company. In 2016, she opened Better Bookkeeping and has never looked back! She loves the variety of working with different businesses, learning their operations and accounting priorities, and helping structure their financial infrastructure for greater business success.

Angela and her husband, Jason, live in Raymond with their two young sons. They enjoy weekends at their family’s camp on Panther Pond, and the variety of outdoor activities Maine has to offer.

Angela is a professional bookkeeper, fully insured and a Member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.