“Angela is awesome! She is always full of really good ideas, several that have saved me considerable time and money. She keeps track of my cash flow to help me with the planning for and timing of business purchases. She’s always available when I have needed her, and answers all my crazy questions with thorough answers. Because she is so experienced in the industry, she has also been a great resource for other financial and business referrals that I’ve needed.”

Mike Duncanson, Percy’s Table

“I’ve hired other bookkeepers, and no one comes close to Angela’s professionalism, thoroughness and efficiency. She comes into my office weekly to organize and prepare all my business accounting – A/P, A/R and other paperwork, so basically all I ever have to do is review and sign things! She also handles the bookkeeping for my 6 apartment buildings. She consistently finds ways to save me money via discounts, better products and careful scrutiny of my current accounts. She notices so many things that I never would, and whenever I have a question she is very quick to respond to me with the appropriate details. I always feel Angela goes the extra mile for my company.”

Adam Rosenbaum, CSI Builders, Inc.

“Accurate financial record keeping is essential to any business – small or large. Angela clearly takes pride in her work, and makes sure we always have a solid understanding of the reports she prepares. Unlike larger firms, Better Bookkeeping is accessible and Angela always makes herself available for questions and needs as they arise. As a non-profit corporation governed by volunteers, we’ve benefited from Angela’s willingness to work closely with our treasurer and finance committee. Her patience and cheerful attitude are exemplary and she is a pleasure to work with! “

Lynn Mansfield, Sebago Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce

“Angela started helping me with some basic bookkeeping, and her impact was so substantial to my business that she now does all my monthly accounting, my payroll, and all my year end paperwork and tax preparation. When I was ready to change my business to an LLC, she did all the research, prepared all the paperwork, and handled all the filing for me. What would have totally overwhelmed me, she made easy and straight-forward. She really couldn’t make things simpler for me – and it’s a huge load off my shoulders! Her personal and business standards are fantastic – I feel she is a part of my business far more than that she is an independent contractor I hire to help me.”

Milinda Zink, Half Moon Home Decor & Design Studio

“Angela keeps my books balanced, tracks my expenses and cash flow, and has straightened out my chart of accounts considerably since she took over my bookkeeping. She has been able to make sense of the number for me as my accounting was very disorganized before she got her hands on things, and no one had ever really explained how all the accounting works to me before. She consistently goes above and beyond for my business – literally making sense of the dollars and cents!”

Marcel Vachon, CIO Main Street

“I can’t say enough good things about Angela! Compared to my previous experiences with bookkeepers for my business, she is night and day. She handles all my monthly business finances, expenditures and transactions for me to keep my organized and prepared for year end. She does all the things that I hate to do. She is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. She gets everything I need done, and more, all at a very reasonable cost.”

Chris McDonald, Windham Power Sports